Hot silver tearing through the desert. Yea. Drove out in the middle of the night into nowhere. They know my name. They know my name.


It’s a crush, a rush, going to my head. My heart is a red Ferrari. Right now I just need to get out. Take me where you want to go, wherever you go.

Playing Pretend

Electric smiles. Trendy clothes. The walls have fallen in. Their eyes sparkle. I know I shouldn’t watch, but I can’t look away.


Don’t know a thing about love, but I know when it’s gone. Will you turn away? Can’t you see me?

Platic God

Organic and cold, our digital soul. Feed devices, our time, our vices.


I’ve got a raincloud raining on my parade. In love with a raincloud. He just won’t go away.

The Mall

My eyes were burning. These friends of mine were meant to be small. My crime was yearning. Oh well, what’s done is done. Let’s go to the mall.

The Walk

Baby I don’t mind when you’re in those moods, ’cause when you walk out the room I get to watch you.

Hitchin' a Ride

Life rules when you’re just like us. No one could ever catch us. Seein’ me walkin’ like “Hey they’re big?” Nah, nah, no way.